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Dolce Vita course


Duration: 1 or 2 weeks
Lessons: 20 + visits & excursions
Level: all ability levels, from Beginners to Advanced
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This course is offered in all of our locations, but on different dates.
Florence, Milan, Rome and Siena: 4 fascinating cities that will enchant you with their history and their wide cultural offerings. 

The 'La Dolce Vita' course is organized in 2 parts, the first dedicated to studying the language with 4 lessons a day of Intensive Italian course, which take place in the mornings, and the second is dedicated to culture and recreation with a rich programme of afternoon and evening activities.

On the first day of school, the participants in the Dolce vita course will be able to test their linguistic ability, upon which they will be put in the most appropriate class to improve their skills.

RECOMMENDED FOR: adult students who want to refresh or enhance their skills in the Italian language and at the same time taste the pleasure of an Italian vacation, between culinary events, cultural exhibition and excursions that will make you feel like on the set of “La Dolce Vita”.

In our schools, courses of each of our 6 levels of Italian, gare always active and running, which guarantees that our students will be put in the most appropriate class for them to meet and exceed their linguistic needs.


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Read about the experiences of our students!

The experience of Conny Ernst

Conny Ernst - Corso culturale La Dolce a Vita a Firenze

  • + Name: Conny Ernst
  • + Country: Swiss
  • + Course: Dolce Vita

My experience with "La Dolce Vita" course in Florence:

"I can highly recommend this course at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci, especially when traveling alone in Florence. La Dolce Vita program provides many appealing excursions and you will get to meet many people.
Donatella, who is a teacher at the school and also the guide of the excursions, has a lot of experience, and is always ready to answer your questions.
Many thanks to all for the unforgettable memories here in Florence.

Yours Sincerely, Conny"

The experience of Irene Grob

irene grob - Superintensive Italian language course in Italy

  • + Name: Irene Grob
  • + Country: Switzerland
  • + Course: Dolce Vita

My experience with the Dolce Vita Course at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci in Milan:

"I went for two weeks at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci in Milan.

It was very interesting in our international class and the teachers were all very motivated. I particularly appreciated the "Dolce Vita" lessons outside the school.
This began with a tour in the city and continued with visits to various museums (Scala, Verdi House, the Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci). Our guide, Valentina, with his great knowledge of culture and art was an enormous enrichment.
But even dinner in the Osteria Conchetta, the Milanese aperitif in the neighborhood of Isola, the concert at the Theater Mahler and the trip in Como were so funny.

Thank you so much, it was a great experience for me!"

The experience of Cherlyn Seruto


  • + Name: Cherlyn Seruto
  • + Country: Stati Uniti d'America
  • + Course: Dolce Vita

My experience with the course La Dolce Vita in Siena:

"I liked the activities listed in the “Dolce Vita” course, so I enrolled. The additional activities have unveiled many aspects of Siena that I would not otherwise have discovered"

The experience of Teresa Schulte-Trux

Teresa Schulte-Trux - Corso culturale La Dolce a Vita a Siena

  • + Name: Teresa Schulte-Trux
  • + Country: Mexico/Germanuy
  • + Course: Dolce Vita

My experience with "La Dolce Vita" course in Siena:

"I am very happy of my choice for this school and for the "La Dolce Vita" program. Every morning we had Italian lessons, while the afternoons were devoted to interesting activities on specific topics, such as olive oil, wine and cuisine of Siena. I can recommend this school with pleasure!"

The experience of Saskia Balmaekers

Saskia Balmaekers - Corso culturale La Dolce a Vita a Siena

  • + Name: Saskia Balmaekers
  • + Country: The Netherlands
  • + Course: Dolce Vita

My experience with "La Dolce Vita" course in Siena:

"The Dolce Vita course reveals all the secrets of Italian culture, history, art, traditions, food, wine and of course the language after you have discovered the Italian way of life, I almost feel Italian, too"

The experience of Gaynor Fass

Gaynor Fass - Corso culturale La Dolce a Vita a Milano

  • + Name: Gaynor Fass
  • + Country: United Kingdom
  • + Course: Dolce Vita

My experience with "La Dolce Vita" course in Milan:

"I attended the school only for a week and, despite my advanced age, I felt like home and welcomed in my class. I almost grasped "the subjunctive" but I think for foreigners this will always be a real challenge. In the afternoon, during "La Dolce Vita" course, I enjoyed many interesting excursions in the areas around Milan. Specifically, I enjoyed the visit to the House of Rest of Verdi and the famous La Scala theater. All the teachers and people "behind the scenes" were friendly and helpful. I would recommend this course in order to learn Italian language and see the real Milan"

The experience of Akemi Sakamoto

Akemi Sakamoto - Corso culturale La Dolce a Vita a Roma

  • + Name: Akemi Sakamoto
  • + Country: Japan
  • + Course: Dolce Vita

My experience with "La Dolce Vita" Italian language and culture course inRome:

“La Dolce Vita was a course with a lot of lessons and activities. I didn't have much time to visit tourist sites but I had many opportunities to speak with local people. Goal achieved!”.

Read about all the experiences of our students.

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